Friday, June 26, 2009

My day off for gardening... yeah, right

This was just as the early-evening storm broke. We'd had a major storm in the morning, too much water plus electricity in the air to do anything outside other than put down a little cardboard weedblock and half-heartedly move two buckets full of sodden topsoil. And scatter a few more poppy seeds--orange this time--just in case they feel like sprouting.
A very very humid, sticky, and bug-infested afternoon. Collected a few more names for the census. Took Bella for a walk round the block as the clouds gathered. Fed her, and then it started...
I hope it dries out enough tomorrow to mow the grass.
I am not going to complain. I am not going to complain. I am not going to complain...
(I did get all the housework done.)

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ChristyACB said...

Absolutely perfect description of the day. Bug-infested in particular. Mosquitos are like ravenous vampires this year and even Deet just seems to provide them an entertaining side dish. :)