Wednesday, July 01, 2009

South fork tour

Outer beach, Montauk. Baby daisy plants in the sand. Giant seagulls fighting over catfish. Grey sky but the sun breaking through.
The swing by the lighthouse, Montauk.
We started at the beach at the far west of Dune Road in Westhampton Beach; foggy, mild, children on the beach making sandcastles. Jade braved the water. We walked for a while, then drove the length of Dune Road to the rainbow bridge... and the light became murkier and murkier, it started to rain, and by the time we were on 27 heading east, thunderclaps and lightening strikes were happening simultaneously and the road was a river. Huge storm; if it had happened yesterday, we would have seen the wettest June on record, but today is July and a new count begins.
Late lunch at Nick's in Montauk, rain on the roof. Sweatshirts from the sweatshirt shop (we were not dressed for winter), then To The Lighthouse, though we didn't go in; then to the outer beach, almost wiping-out a cyclist-with-a-death-wish (who in their right mind cycles in front of a vehicle as it is pulling into a parking space???) where the light and the greys and the sand was beautiful but the large raindrops, wet... and then back home to excited Bella-dog and clearer skies.
(It has been nice and summery the past few days, the days that I forgot to write anything... we hoped for the same today but it doesn't matter, it was a really nice trip and a good day.)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good day with Jade, good for you both.
How did Bella do with Patti or should I ask how Patti did with Bella? :-)

matthew houskeeper said...

Still waiting for the sun here.