Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday, and overnight, we had a huge amount of rain. Warnings of coastal flooding with tides two feet higher than usual, but as it was dark by high tide, we wouldn't have known until it was lapping at the door. It didn't. This morning, sunshine, blue sky.

Bella and I paddled through the shallow floods on the corner by the marina and on Forest Road.

I have a tree that I'm sure is going to come down soon--actually, my absent-neighbour-whoever-owns-the-plot-next-to-mine has a tree that is going to come down. It is a small wetlands tree, completely overwhelmed by years of bramble and vine overgrowth; wild rose taller than the tree itself, which is nearly bent double. I was trying to clean it up earlier in the week when I heard it groaning. Didn't want to be pinned beneath fifty years of dead wood, impaled on rose spines, so I left it alone. It's still standing this morning. Maybe it just needs a nudge from the right angle?

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