Sunday, June 21, 2009


Weather was yuck so decided to sort out the garage. The Plan is (remember this) to clean the corner inside the furnace house so that garden implements can be stored there in their dustbin and/or hung on the wall, and maybe get a couple of those vinyl "sheds" for other garden storage (somewhere big enough for the lawnmower, preferably).

Can't vacuum furnace house because of excess water situation and electricity not mingling well.

Emptied one large cardboard box containing various Jade-and-Karli belongings into two large plastic bags. Didn't throw anything out so now it's bag-shaped instead of box-shaped and still taking up room in garage.

Emptied not-good-for-tummy dog food out of container into garbage bag. Refilled container with good-for-tummy food. Put garbage bag into garbage can and weighted down the lid because I don't want raccoons with upset tummies running riot in neighbourhood.

Folded up empty cardboard box and spent ten minutes wondering whether-or-not to use it for weed block in back garden. Decided yes and stacked it with another cardboard box. Still can't see any more garage floor.

Looked up. Saw six large, heavy and totally-not-useful doors/windows. Found camera. Took bad picture. Uploaded to Craigslist free-if-you-can-get-them-down. Searched Craigslist for 'shed'. Nothing suitable, but tempted to write to person selling a "you-must-dig" Magnolia tree that grandmother planted, because it should be, "you can pay me 50$ to come and kill the magnolia that my grandma planted". Resisted temptation. Checked email, no reply on windows.

Checked again but there was still no more room in garage. Decided to go to Home Depot to look at vinyl sheds.

Home Depot vinyl "sheds" OK for horizontal shovels or vertical broom. A bit like giant doll's house furniture. Looked at real sheds having totally forgotten The Plan. Real sheds too expensive or too time-consuming. Wonder if Lowes' has anything better. Back in truck and drive to Patchogue. Spend half an hour wandering round garden center just looking at plants before finding cute shed with installation that might just fit in the space. Having forgotten to measure the space before leaving house, this is pure guesswork. Sent salesperson on a hunt to find tape measure to see how high the shed is (nine feet). Can't be sure that this will fit in the space but am sure that shed footprint (eight by six feet) will... until sales guy says that installers need at least two feet all round in order to do installation. (Why?)

Remember The Plan. Take brochure for shed which has measurements so can check size when home. Wander round garden center again. See magnificant iris from across the center. Buy iris and drive home with it in front passenger footwell so as not to batter it on back of truck.

Now have full garage, no shed, and a new iris. It is planted in a new raised bed in the front garden. Iris ensata 'Cha Cha Hume'.

It was a good afternoon!

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