Saturday, December 20, 2008

That was interesting

Haven't driven on snow and ice since France, about nine years ago; last year we didn't have much, and the years in California were pretty-much snow-and-ice-free (you don't count frost that has disappeared by 9 a.m.)

While there was someone ploughing the snow off the street outside about midnight last night, I don't believe there was any salt, not down here, not anywhere south of Sunrise. The streets are packed with snow and ice until you get up to Neighborhood Road, which is clear down the middle. Mastic Beach Road was sorta-clear and it was OK then all the way to William Floyd Parkway. The parking lot by Kohls/Marshalls/Stop'n'Shop was a joke; too many people, too many cars, and too much snow and ice.

The truck had icicles underneath it when I returned with bags of potatos and cheese for cheese-and-potato-pie-tonight. Snow had melted off the roof and cried down the side windows. Went into a gentle slide as I turned left at the ATT store... just a reminder to keep slow and in low.

A security car driver was seeing how deep he could bury his car in the parking lot near Blockbuster. Don't have any idea what he was trying to do. Bizzare sighting of the day.

This is the first time I have ever seen traffic stick to the 45-mph speed limit on William Floyd Parkway.

The sky is grey and heavy again; there may be more tonight. It does look beautiful. Fury and I walked to the wetlands beach earlier; came back thinking I'd left my face and thighs behind in the numbing wind.

"Battleship grey... hardship grey"

(Sound of wheels spinning on ice outside. This is not a day to be in a hurry.)

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