Monday, December 15, 2008

Back home, again

Will post some pics from Ireland/Dublin tomorrow...

... soundtrack for the return journey:

ABBA: Winner takes it all (guess what movie??????) (and that one started a theme....)
Phil Collins: Against all odds
Style Council: You're the best thing
Steve Winwood: Dust
Thin Lizzy: Still in love with you
Simply Red: Stars
Alison Moyet: This house
Peter Hammill: Just good friends
Pat Metheny: It's for you

See what happens when you take one song and then play with the iPod and make a playlist-on-the-go? Smoooooooooth... even managed to doze through the little Swedish kid who kept elbowing me all the way from Munich to New York. Though I discovered that I can understand Swedish for "I think I'm going to throw up" (he didn't but he did go very white as we danced a couple of circles over Long Island before coming in to land at JFK).

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