Friday, May 08, 2009


Beautiful sunshine through the early-morning fog. Warm, humid (it has rained every day in May so far). A lot of water around. But everything is really green this morning.


Anonymous said...

Any tips on how you keep the deer from devouring those hostas???

Alison said...

Those hostas are in the part of my garden/yard that is raised up about four feet and fenced. It's the only place the deer can't get to--and I'm sure if they were hungry enough, they'd find a way. They eat the hostas everywhere else right down to the ground. One day last year a buck lifted up his head to look at me through the front door, then studiously carried on eating. I tried sprays and soap and I don't know if they work temporarily or if the deer just like to let you think you've won, then overnight eat everything. I am probably going to take the hostas out of the front garden and around the house as they do seem to encourage the deer. I've planted a lot of allium and salvia and bee balm which they don't like much. Trying to discourage the deer, but I know they will probably eat the house one day. ;-)

Scott said...