Friday, May 29, 2009


The weather has been rather YUCK this week, as far as I am concerned, but the plants are loving it. The rows of radish and mixed mesclun that I sowed on Monday have already sprouted! Just added more seeds: carrots, lettuce and arugula. So from right-to-left in the vegetable patch, we have radishes, mesclun (scratchy and spicy lettucy stuff), carrots (small Petite 'n Sweet in the back half of the bed, larger Sweet Treat hybrid at the back), lettuce (Black-Seeded Simpson at the front, Four Seasons reddish and small in the middle, and Vivian, large Romaine-type at the back) then arugula. It is not a very big patch but it will do for salads!

I would be quite happy working an allotment all day.

Oh and there are some cucumber plants in a half-barrel at the bottom of the deck stairs. The small-for-pickling cucumbers will be closest to house.

The person at Home Depot who sold me the seeds was surprised that carrots would grow here. Is there something I don't know? Or should that person perhaps be working in another department?

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