Friday, May 15, 2009

"Deer cake"!

The hostas around the house are, so far, only slightly nibbled. I have sprayed them with a new mix of eggs and capsicum, bought not made. Didn't smell bad when I sprayed it on, but am wondering what it will be like after a warm day. (Would like to find out. Bring on a warm day, please.)

There is also a bar of nasty-smelling deodorant soap hiding under nearly every clump. The sort that gives me panic attacks. Maybe will have the same effect on the deer.

But like my friend at the garden center in Moriches said, hostas are "deer cake". When I get up in the morning and find them chewed to the ground, I will be (re)moving them to somewhere safe, and planting daffodils, allium and bee balm instead.

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ChristyACB said...

Hope you'll post the results of this. I have some totally mutantly large hostas that I loathe moving but don't want to see nibbled down either.