Sunday, April 05, 2009

Twas a beautiful afternoon

Bella sat in the sun on the lawn, which while growing greener by the day, is looking rather moth-eaten. I tidied up the flower bed below the lawn, taking out old dead stalks and leaves and pulling up some of the invaders that have already started growing and twining round the hibiscus and lilac.
There are buds on the lilac, and the daffodils are almost-ready to open. Iris shoots have pushed through, the big poppies have started to put out leaves, and the foxgloves, too. There are some ill-advised tulips in the front garden. I'm sure the deer will wait until the flowers appear before they neatly remove them. I dug up all the tulips I could find from last year, and replanted them in the raised, fenced garden where the deer can't get them, but obviously missed a few.
The willow trees are shaded green, though you can't see any leaves, or even buds, yet. But they are on their way. And the forsythia--I had forgotten last year's forsythia hedges!--are too, almost ready.
Today's sunshine will give spring a push forwards. It was good to see and feel the sun!

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