Saturday, April 11, 2009

Routinely Saturday

Bella has been here two weeks, tomorrow, and we have established something of a routine. Get up early, quick trip to the backyard, Bella still half-asleep, but waking up because it is time for Breakfast. She eats her first meal of the day and I wipe the drool from the tile floor (she is really good, sits and waits patiently until I tell her to eat, but her mouth leaks ). Then she has a rest and I get ready for the day.

Then a walk. If we are are early enough, and the weather is OK, and I don't have a 7 a.m. meeting, we sometimes go to Smith Point, to the big beach. Or we just walk around to the marina and by the bay. Then back home. if it is raining--like today, all soft and mild and gently but very very wet--she lets me dry her, head to tail, just inside the front door. She is very patient.

While I work, she sleeps. If it's sunny, she sleeps on the deck. If not, inside. Occasional visits to the backyard, where she runs like a greyhound or a puppydog or both. Then more napping until the second meal of the day, late afternoon.

About five, or six, we'll go for another walk. Last night, just around the corner from the house, we met ten deer. We stopped. They stood and stared. Like statues. And then, one by one, they leaped across the road and hurried off into the reeds.

Bella wanted to follow. She jumped higher than my shoulder and wriggled in mid-air; she really, really wanted to go with them. That was interesting. The rest of the walk was just a walk, but Bella remained very alert, ears up, watching, all the way back home.

Then more work, dinner, a book or a little TV... and the day is over.

She is doing fine. Her coat is shiny and she has put on a little weight. Still shy, but gaining confidence.

Now all I have to do is find some gym time again...

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