Sunday, April 12, 2009


One Climbing Joseph's Coat rose ("continual" flowering, pink/yellow/orange, scented)
One Climbing Coral Dawn (scented, coral)
One Belle de Crecy Old Rose, pinky-purplish, should smell wonderful.

One Magnolia x loebneri Dr. Merrill, to replace the magnolia I killed twice last year: once by planting it somewhere far too wet, and once by moving it. Either of those would have done the trick. Hopefully this one will settle in nicely where I moved the first one to after realising it was already suffering...

I saw my first flowering flowering dogwood the other day, in Bellport village, on the main street just east of the village centre. Had been there to fetch new contact lenses from my new optician, who seems to have found the right lenses at first attempt.

My own dogwood has buds, but no flowers yet.

The wild roses are putting out tiny, lime-green leaves, Forsythia is yellow. And I cut the grass for the first time this year, just the back raised grass-weed lawn, the rest can wait a few days but it is all green and growing now.

I think an ice cream is due.

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