Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evening walk

Long legs
In the garden of an abandoned house.


ChristyACB said...

I think your dog looks to be about the most mellow dog I've ever seen and this is coming from a woman who lives with 2 old fat lazy Beagles that snore while awake!

Alison said...

She is very mellow until she either sees or hears something that scares her (reeds rustling in the wind, a plastic traffic cone just sitting in the middle of the path, a gate that isn't open quite wide enough) which makes her try to hide behind me, or until she sees another dog (not every dog, just one with something special about it that I haven't worked out how to recognise yet) or a deer (a lot of them in this neighborhood), at which point she turns into a bucking bronco on the end of a leash! But most of the time, she is indeed very, very mellow.