Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday road trip: ospreys

We saw the first osprey nesting pole at Orient Point, but also saw several others around the North Fork. This one was piled high with nest, made with twigs and sticks and some bright blue shiny ribbon, the sort you tie to birthday balloons or gifts or flowers.
It seemed strange to me that these were for ospreys. I thought for a moment that I was back in Poland, and these were nests for storks. Storks build nests on roofs and flagpoles; put a cartwheel on the roof of your barn for the bociani.
I would like to see storks once again.


skyeltd said...

look to the will see our "tree" which is actually a cell tower. The osprey's love it there. All summer long we have them circling from their nest in the top. They arrived sometime early last week. :)

Anonymous said...

Look also to the south-the west end of Pattersquash Islands and there you will find an osprey's pole. Don't kayak too close or else Mama Osprey will get angry.