Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday road trip: Orient Point

We started Saturday morning by driving all the way out on the North Fork to Orient Point. I enjoyed seeing all the farmland and the newly-tidy grape vines: neat piles of trimmings stacked at the roadside, vines, young and old, ready to start pushing out leaves. The old-America farmhouses, the tractors on show, the front porches and gables.
Orient Point itself is a ferry terminal. A small parking lot, a ticket office, and a ferry to take cars and foot passengers. Trucks too, though the ferry seemed too small for the big-rig we passed on the road.
Just next to the ferry terminal is Orient Point Beach. It stretches and curves, stones, pebbles and shells, not sand. It's pretty but somewhat marred by tacky plastic structures.


Paradox said...

I'm a tree hugger!!

Anonymous said...

Bicycle from Greenport to Orient. One of the great rides in the world. Wide shoulders, smooth asphalt, light traffic beautiful scenery and great food. Just a short auto ride from our beautiful community. Where else but the Great South Beach!

matthew houskeeper said...

That's a beautiful stretch out there.
I am trying to figure out what the tacky plastic structures are?