Monday, March 23, 2009

Furry deer

Arrived home yesterday evening to find two deer in the front garden. The larger one was just a blur, as he or she dashed off into the undergrowth. The second one, a large baby, jumped into the trees and then found some young grass, which was much more interesting than any human or vehicle close by.

I was able to watch for a few minutes, to get out of the truck and to hold a one-sided conversation with the deer about which plants I would prefer not to be eaten. Close enough to check that it was grass being devoured, and not the newly-emerging English bluebells (which if not eaten will probably be trampled but maybe in twenty years time, there will be a nice show!)

The deer was incredibly furry. No spots--already grown out of those--but a very thick and warm coat. Must have been the long, cold winter that did that.

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