Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday road trip: Long Island Sound

The waters of the sound were very clear, very blue. Steps down from the lighthouse and from the private homes along the cliff. The beach was so quiet and peaceful; easy to understand why it was once (still is?) a sacred place.

The water lapped gently and there was no sound.

The sign asking not-to-litter has been ignored; someone's garbage bags, fast-food wrappers and soiled diapers were scattered, inaccessible, down the cliff.

What makes it easier to throw garbage over a cliff than to leave it for the garbage truck???

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Anonymous said...

See not all slobs are in Shirley!
Let's keep our neighborhoods clean!

BTW our brown tide is gone and the bay waters, Great South, Narrow, and Moriches are crystal clear. Hope it stays that way for the Spring & Summer.

Get out on the water and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.