Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday, sunday

Fall back and spring forwards.

Last night, the clocks went back, and we had another hour of sleep. Sort-of. No-one told the sun about this, so it got up and shone through the window at a few minutes later than the same space-time moment yesterday. The birds and the cat got up with the sun, and I wasn't long after them.

Two hours in the gym. Then more weight-training moving a load of floor tiles from the truck to the house. Then an afternoon in the garden. Decided to save a lot of money by "winterizing" the pond myself. Removed all the water hyacinth and water lettuce before they died; scooped out some leaves; cut back some of the leaf-shedding plants and frantic roses that were overhanging the water; disconnected and drained the filter. Then spent half-an-hour fighting a stupid net before giving up and thrusting it into a bin-bag. The idea was to spread the net over the pond, to collect falling leaves. However, it was so fine that I couldn't spread it out. Couldn't find the edges, couldn't disentangle it. Stoooopid stuff.

Guess I'll be out there every day with the leaf net. Oh well...

Now night is here early, and I need an early night.

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