Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I guess his wife sent him out to catch the dinner.... hunter, his boat, and his "hide" on the little island in the bay. Um... it's pretty darn obvious that this is a hide... don't the deer/duck/geese notice it????

(Sound of dawn on thanksgiving... gunshots. The hide was gone by quarter to ten. Saw this several times last year. If they are hunting deer, do they expect them to be swimming? If ducks, how do they pick them up before they sink? Or maybe I have completely misunderstood the scene and it's something totally unrelated to hunting? If it's hunting, are they allowed to shoot "my" deer on the William Floyd Estate? I guess there's a lot I don't know ;-)

Turkey is in the oven. Ours is named Herbert the Huge. We did not pardon him. He is wrapped in bacon and foil right now, and the giblets are cooking, for gravy, and for a treat for Fury (just the boneless bits). She always wonder why there is just one set of giblets...

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Matt S said...

:) Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hope all yous are well!

Matt S