Monday, September 22, 2008

Bait and tackle

Visited Dick's Bait and Tackle on Neighborhood Road yesterday; I needed some new wellies ("rain boots" or "galoshes" to those of you who speak American). You can buy multicoloured wellies online, or somewhere like Target, but the best place to buy real, working wellies is at a Bait and Tackle shop.

It's like a treasure trove, full of brightly-coloured things that I know nothing about. Rods and lines are pretty obvious, but all the spinners and lures and hooks and things for sea and beach and dock fishing are very different from tied flies for trout. Foot-long shiny fake fish with huge hooks for catching shark or marlin; flourescent mini-squid; everything a fisherman might need, or want, or think he needs.

I don't fish, but I could spend a happy hour looking at everything that's for sale there. I don't fish but maybe I should give it a try...

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Mr. Lentini said...

I need some wellies as well for feeding the chickens and for my new foray into ducking hunting johns neck creek