Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn begins: a time for gathering

Not just for gathering-in the harvest, but also for gathering-together. This week, the sky has been filled with swirling clouds of starlings. They gather on the branches of the berry-bearing tree at the bottom of the garden, stay for a while and feast on the berries, then lift up as one and go somewhere else for a while. Their aeronautic display is impressive; how can so many birds fly so close to each other, and make such manoeuvres, without crashing?

And in King Kullen's parking lot in Shirley, there's another seasonal gathering. About fifty teenagers, skateboarders all, riding the tarmac in droves.

Did you ever notice how schoolyard games are seasonal, too?


Matt S said...

Skateboarding? Funny you should mention it! I dug mine out the other day and I can still (within the constraints of stoutness) ride it...That gave the teenagers something to think about!

(I fell off later, but in private...zweet argh splat! Thank heavens! No witnesses)

Mr. Lentini said...

always makes me smole seeing all the kiddies on skateboards