Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HGTV Facebook and my view...

HGTV have been showcasing "rooms with a view" on Facebook recently... and today they posted my view!

Click here to see the pic and all the hundreds of comments!

Thank you everyone who commented: and to address some of them:

- if you look out of the south-facing window (the one in the right corner), you'll see a lot of water--the Great South Bay--otherwise just wait for high tide and you'll see more
- yes I should have straightened the curtain pole/removed dream catcher/removed air freshener before taking the pic, but that's the good thing about digital cameras, you can take another shot when you realise your mistake... in this case after I'd uploaded it ;-)
- the curtains look better replaced with white sheers but I can't be bothered changing them every night, so the practical ones stay for now
- yes, we do have mosquitos during some of the summer: we also have herons, egrets, ibis and host of other birds and animals, and we don't have traffic noise or lots of sirens... some you win, some you lose.

Wonderful seeing so many people have heard the name of Mastic Beach today!

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