Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black and blue. And red.

Black-and-blue salvia in the little garden next to the shed. Really really blue, on long stems, above lime-green leaves. Mixed in with lemon balm and annual mini basil. Deer won't eat these unless they are really, really, really hungry and they've already devoured all the hostas. So they're probably safe for a couple more weeks. Maybe.

A humming bird was feeding from them this morning!

 Purplish-blue salvia in the front yard, with some "volunteer" blue flax mixed in. Apparently flax was farmed years ago on the William Floyd Estate--it was their main crop--and it still "crops up" all over the place each summer. It's beautiful.
 The front yard is a mass of different colour salvia.  The chrysanthemums are swelling, preparing for their showtime. The irises are spreading and this year's babies are growing strong--next year's spring iris show should be spectacular! This area of the garden does get soggy in winter and spring, so the Japanese iris love their place.
 Fireman red salvia.

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