Monday, July 12, 2010

New hydrangeas

Two new hydrangeas, street-side of the shed, one pink, one blue, but let's see what the local earth does to those colours next year.

They were reduced at Home Depot because their flowering season is almost over. Large and healthy, and I had the exact spot for them. The pavers some idiot dumped on Forest Rd a few days ago, so I collected them and found a good use. Also recuperated a large wooden plank that another idiot (same one?) dumped at the bottom of Park Drive, along with a truckful of compost which now has 'shrooms growing all over it. If you see me down there with my wheelbarrow, don't be surprised.

Met the road crew on Forest Road a couple of days ago, cleaning up yet-another illegal dumping. I'm still wondering why people find it more fun to load up a truck with their garbage/boat/leaves/treetrimmings/etc/etc/etc., and spend time, gas/petrol and energy dumping it here, than putting it in the street in front of their own home and having the town collect it. Makes no sense whatsoever to me.

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