Monday, July 12, 2010

Front border, early July

Every morning, I wake up expecting the deer to have been during the night. So far, so good. The front border is a mass of yellows and reds and whites. The various types of sage and bee-balm have a variety of scents when you crush their leaves between your fingers. Have to try making tea with them too.

I took several photos of a very cute, photogenic deer, growing-out of her fawn spots, who was browsing in the wooded area at the south of the property yesterday evening (they are welcome to keep the weeds down there). But when I uploaded the photos, I saw that she had a nasty, crawling infection in the corner of one of her huge, drowning eyes. It made me sad.

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Scott said...

i love the bee balm and tall yellow flowers in this bed! did u buy them locally?