Friday, February 05, 2010

Warming the bathrooms

The challenge was how to warm the two upstairs bathrooms. While hot-water pipes run under the floors to the radiators, there are no radiators in the bathrooms themselves.
Looked at many options, and found these really cool towel warmers/bathroom heaters. They are effective, stylish, and they only draw 60w--the same as a light bulb! And it is really nice to have a warm towel when you step out of the shower.
You can buy them in many different sizes and shapes. They have to be wired in by an electrician, either with an on-off switch or with a timer. I found them online: took about three weeks for delivery. I am happy with them!

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Paradox said...

And they definitely work! I didn't complain about having to shower in a freezing bathroom :D