Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The blizzard of...

It doesn't seem long since the headlines read, "The blizzard of 2009", and yet here we are in early February, and now it's "The blizzard of 2010". And yes, there was a lot of snow again, and it's after seven in the evening now, and it's still snowing, heavy, wet snow that falls from the roof in clumps and clots and is sliding off the deck table like too-much icing on a warm cake.

It's barely freezing: maybe a degree below, maybe a degree above: sleet mixed with snow, not the find-drifting snow we had in December. At midday, the street was almost clear, the snowploughs have been past several times, the salt is working, nothing freezing yet. Mid-afternoon, whiteout again... now it's still falling, still settling.

Perfect snowball snow. Snowman snow. Run-up-and-down-the-garden-with-the-dog snow. (Dylan did.)

I wonder if it will stop overnight?

I hope Jade's train runs in the morning!!!!

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