Friday, February 19, 2010

Permits applied for...

Nipped to the town hall (why is the Town Hall in Farmingville, when the Town is Brookhaven, but there's no Town Hall in Brookhaven hamlet itself? And why do you get to the town hall down Bicycle Path, which is neither a path nor for bicycles, but a road for cars and trucks? Is this one of those days where I question everything?)

Applied for an extension to my phragmites-cutting permit, because I learned through the nice lady in Environmental Protection that instead of reapplying again and again, I can buy a ten year yes ten year extension to the permit--and it's transferrable with the house should I ever sell. So that extension has been applied for.

Also applied for a new wetlands permit to allow me to fill in the pond/pool. I don't need a permit to do the demo/filling-in. But I do need a permit to take the materials onto the property and put them into the space-that-was-pond. So really it's a permit to allow Mr. Contractor to carry, throw or drag "clean fill" from the street.

Those are the rules, and I Will Obey.

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