Saturday, January 03, 2009

Today I fell in love ... and now heartbroken

(UPDATE Monday 5th: I called the shelter, and he has been adopted and left for his new home this morning. Good to know he has found a new home!)

Jade wanted to go see the dogs at the animal shelter. Like a fool, I said yes, knowing that Fury is not keen on other dogs, that I don't really want two dogs, and that it's not a good idea to see all those wagging hopeful eyes that turn sad the second you pass them.

Half way through the tour, there he was.

A Great Dane/English Mastiff cross by the looks of him. Tall and strong and gentle-eyed. A stray, now up for adoption. (They said he was a stray, and I was worried that they would adopt out a dog before the real owners claimed him... but they have had a while to find him, and surely you'd miss a dog this size pretty quickly? How can someone just "lose" a dog the size of a small horse???)

We met him in a "meet and greet" room, just us and a handler and the big guy. He learned to sit after a few tries, and then he gave his paw, and then sat back on his haunches and gave his other paw too. When he stood next to you he leaned on you. He wanted to go outside. He walked on the lead but when he pulled, my arm nearly came loose.

So we came home and fetched Fury, to see if this could be the friend she'd been waiting for.

Then we arrived at the shelter, and one of the handlers brought the big guy outside to meet Fury. She started to sing like she does when she sees a friend. He came closer, and they sniffed each other, and all was OK... and then he stood a little too close to her, his big head over hers, and then one-by-one the hairs on Fury's neck started to stand up, and her lip started to curl, and then that was it. She made sure we knew that no, she didn't like this at all.

Poor big guy. Not a murmur or a snarl or even a hackle-raised from him. Just a real gentledog.

Jade took Fury back to the truck. I said goodbye to the big fella, and the handlers took him back inside.

I hope someone gives him a really nice, loving home very very soon. I am so sorry I could not.

If you are looking for a dog who will adopt you, he was still available at Brookhaven Animal Shelter after 4 p.m. today, Saturday.

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MJ said...

Awww that's sad. :( I've been thinking of getting a dog. I'm just not sure whether to get a puppy or adopt a big guy from the shelter. I'm afraid I might have problems with the adopted one. Even though on "Dog Whisperer" every dog can be trained.