Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here he is. Apologies for the photo quality; my zoom wouldn't zoom any further, and he's way way out in the middle of the bay. I could see this "thing" in the water from my window and had to go see what it was.

Anyone see this before? Is it a sign of a really cold winter to come, or just of a seal making use of easy transport? Does this happen every year in the Great South Bay?


Scott said...

hey alison, great shots of the seal! we have seen them a couple of times before in the winter when we have been hiking at the william floyd estate. always blows my mind. never like this before on ice floating. cool.

Redwing said...

That is so excellent! I have been sailing in the western part of the bay for years and years and I have never seen or heard of a seal in the bay.

I hope they start to make it their visiting. Of course, there's probably not enough food for too many of them.

Editor said...

I'm jealous. Been living here since '96 and have never seen one! :( Though I hear that if you go to the North Shore they're always around this time of year.

matthew houskeeper said...

They get a few of them in the Sound this time of year, usually in remote areas like the Norwalk Islands