Sunday, August 31, 2008

'ey up, me Duck!

I went to the beach. Decided to try a new area--to the western side, over the dunes. Never been there in summer before. Settled down for a good read and some sun. Biting flies decided to join in the fun. Ouch. Ouch again. Decided to relocate a little further along the beach--there seemed to be lots of people there, so maybe no flies.
Right. No flies. No pants. No nothing. Nudists. Ooops.
Came home. Sat on the deck and read for a while. Heck, it's Sunday, and it's a long weekend. Should be doing something...
Went to Southaven Park. Never been there either. North-west quadrant of the Sunrise Highway/Willam Floyd cross. And it is quite beautiful. Pine and oak woods. Big lake. Ducks and geese and swans. Trails through the woodland. Rowboats to rent. Picnic areas in the shade. Happy children. No crowds.
And the only bare bottoms were those on the ducks. Phew.
(I risk being very politically-incorrect about the link between physical beauty and nudism. Or not.)

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