Friday, June 28, 2013

Sacramento bloggers!

Had a very nice time yesterday evening, meeting other local (Sacramento) bloggers: this is the group, Sacramento Bloggers (logical really!), in a new downtown hangout, Church Key at Hock Farm. It's a courtyard bar, shaded by the surrounding buildings, just across the street from the state Capitol. (You can find Church Key on Facebook, too.) They are growing hops on the patio, up tall wires, to make a canopy (and I bet by the end of the summer, it will be a heavy, rich-scented canopy).

Made me think of England, and the masses of hops that grew in and over and along the hedgerows at the bottom of High Street in Syston, Leicestershire, when I was a child. And how wonderfully strange they smelled when you rubbed the green flowers between your fingers.

And the bloggers: so many good blogs and so many interesting, and diverse, topics! Check out the list here on the Sacramento Bloggers Blogroll (which is growing all the time).

I really like Cinamon's No Hurry to Get Home (we seem to have similar travel philosophies), Margaret's Nanny Goats in Panties (heck, who can resist a blog with that name), Susi's FiftyTwoChanges (great philosophy--we should all try this!), and Jennifer's The Queen of Dating (heck, people meeting in real life and not on a website? Well that's unique ;-)  Ha.) But these are just a very few of the great blogs in this region--go and see!

Now I need to write more, and more often.

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