Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day 2010

We didn't have snow for Christmas, but it's here today, Boxing Day (they day-after-Christmas to those who don't know what Boxing Day is!) (Which should also be a holiday-day. Really.)

Just after midday, and the snow is fine and settling. Blizzard warning for later today, with the worst to arrive early evening in the city--possibly, hopefully less here.

I have learned from last year's digging-out experience to leave my truck at the end of the drive, close to the street. It might be more sheltered closer to the house, but it's a lot of digging once the snow stops! I bought pet-friendly snow-and-ice melt for the deck so that Bella (and I) can get outside without slipping. It may be pet-friendly but judging by the grass beneath the bridge to the back yard, it's not grass-friendly. Oops.

Hope you are having a warm snug and safe day wherever you are spending it!

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