Monday, December 20, 2010

Bird visitors in December

This weekend's bird visitors included grackles (just a few, not a gang), various titmice, all sorts of sparrows, grey-bluejays (they are a much greyer-blue than California bluejays and they make nowhere near as much noise), lots of cardinals both male and female, looking like mini-parrots and squabbling over the food. The great blue heron has been frozen in place next to the creek in his favourite fishing spot, only occasionally rising to fly, creaking loudly, across the wetlands.

And one beautiful flicker. Red-headed, spotty-chested, long-beaked. He sat on the deck rail and ate a lot of the seed. I've only seen him on the bird feeder before, never so close to the house. He darted away anytime there was a movement behind the glass, but returned again and again for food.

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