Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another beautiful, beautiful day!

The sunrise was awesome... and now the sky is pale blue, the water like rippling denim; birds are singing, Bella is sunning herself on the deck, and you can almost hear the ground loosening to let the grass and bulbs (and baby weeds) poke through.

The magnolia is covered in hairy buds!

I have lost quite a few plant pots over this winter: terracotta does not survive well, it flakes away layer-by-layer until you have a pot that is very thin and fragile at the bottom, yet still sturdy at the top. The glazed pots, for the most part, survive very well: plastic becomes brittle after a couple of winters. (Yes, I could empty and store them all away before the first snow, but I the birds like to feed on the seeds, I'm lazy, and totally in denial when winter approaches until it's too late and we are six-feet deep in white stuff.)

I wonder if, this year, I can time the planting of the sweet pea seeds right?

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