Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Sunday

I have really quite enjoyed two weeks without having to cut the grass... but having sent the lawn guys away on Saturday (they were planning on mowing the still-sodden sod, which was really not a good idea) it was time to get the mower out today, but it needed to wait until the afternoon, so that it could dry a little more.

Decided to do a little more of the laundry/mud room. Put the metal shelves together to go in the space next to the washer/dryer. Realised there is enough room on the bottom two shelves for all the cans of paint. Decided not to stack them until after touching-up all the gashes made when the tile/carpet was installed and the guys ripped off and stuck back the baseboards (skirting boards). Also realised I couldn't do much with the floor until the lawnmower was out of there.

Back to the shed problem, again. No money to buy a shed. And those plastic pseudo-sheds are tacky and flimsy. Though there is one for $350 that would do the trick. But wouldn't $350 pay for the materials to close-in the space under the den and make a really-nice shed?

Remembered that I had cleared the "loft" a couple of months ago. Moved the stack of spare wood/old door trim/spare hardwood flooring pieces/etc. out of the laundry room and out from under the stairs, up to the loft. Checked out the power point in the ceiling with a lamp. It works! And the switch to operate it is the furthest into the house of the three switches next to the back door... another electric mystery solved. (Also found another double power outlet covered by the plastic bag stuck over the inside of the garage door... I wonder if it works/is safe?) While moving the wood from under the stairs, found four still-wrapped wooden things that you use to cover the join between two types of flooring. Don't know why I bought them; didn't need them, didn't use them, and they've been hiding under the stairs for at least a year. Decided to return them to Home Depot and see if they'll take them back.

Home Depot gave me a 51$ credit!

Bought some new light bulbs, a can of heat-proof paint (8$ redo of a light fixture rather than $80 replacement... once I get around to actually doing it), a gadget for easily staining the deck (again, once I get around to doing it), two drywall repair kits (one for the hole in the office, one for a spare), and a shed for the lawnmower, and all I had to hand over was 4$. Well the shed for the lawnmower is a 9$ tarp-with-a-drawstring!

Started to mow the lawn. Did the front lawn. Started on the strip by the street. Mower died, again. Tried with a different power cable. Still didn't work. Cursed many times. Pulled human-powered mower out of the furnace room and had a good work out. (Why did I start with the easiest-to-cut lawn?) Now it's all cut and looking OK... just need to strim the edges.

Now here is the dilemma. Do I take the electric mower to be repaired again? If it's the same as last year, it will cost at least 80$ to fix, and will take four or more weeks--so may not be fixed for this year at all. And that is if they can fix it. Or I could buy a new gas-powered mower and alternate that and the human-powered mower (and believe me, sometimes it needs more than Alison-power to cut). That would cost perhaps 350$ plus the gas/petrol. That is the equivalent to paying the lawn guys for about ten weeks--most of the summer.

Now isn't there some enterprising young person around who would like to mow the lawns for me using my human-powered mower every week? Green lawn service? It's like a free gym :-)

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