Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn projects and Bella update

I have a plan! And the laundry room will be finished very soon... and the garage. Those are the two rooms that are left in the remodelling of the interior that need some help from contractors (or for me to take time off work to do them, and that is not happening).

The washer/dryer will hide behind folding doors, and will have a storage cabinet above them. The door to the garage will be fixed and made pretty, and we'll tidy up the walls between the garage and the laundry room and hall. And then I will see to the floor and the baseboards/skirting boards, put up racks and pegboards, and the garage will be a good workshop.

Bella is having a very good week. It seems that the secret is to totally ignore her. Much as I love a dog who greets me enthusiastically when I return home, I have to understand that she is not ready to do that yet, and that even saying "hello" to her on opening the front door can scare her to the point of peeing. So I don't even look at her, and a few minutes later she approaches me all happy. AND she peed in the street this morning--not on the back lawn! (I'm sure dog pee is not a very interesting subject for most people, but anyone who has an ultra-submissive Great Dane will know why it is such a big deal.)

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