Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm a lazy gardener

It's true. I'm a very lazy gardener.

The arthritic legacy of a long-ago motorbike accident, and many years in the dojo, plus Sacramento's impervious clay soil, mean that I'm forever looking for ways to cheat the shovel. I've planted daffodils far-too-shallow, and covered-up with a pile of windfall leaves. I've scattered crocus corms under the liquidamber and kicked them, too, under the latest leaf-fall. I've put a blanket mulch brown corrugated cardboard all over the week-filled vegetable patch, and spread several bales of straw over it for the winter (no winter crops this year, as I was too lazy to dig out all the summer weeds which flourished because last winter, I had a broken kneecap, and couldn't dig even if I wanted to). That should make the soil very ready for next spring and summer's crops. But I will miss the broad (fava) beans. Hope they have them at the farmer's market.

I'm a lazy garden blogger too... Haven't written much here for ages, though I do post garden pics on Facebook and also on

(Another excuse is that I spend most of my spare time over on the other blog, Check it out if you have time.)

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