Monday, January 10, 2011

Really nice renovations, beach cottages

A shout out to the folks who have turned the cottage on the corner of Whittier and Dogwood, just before the marina. A few months ago it was an unloved eyesore, dark and abandoned. Now it is a beautiful, happy beach cottage, a subtle but cheerful green, somewhere anyone would be proud to call home.

All over the village of Mastic Beach, people have been working hard to renovate homes. A walk down Park Drive is a good example--many of the cottages have been given new leases on life. A new home has grown up where the house damaged by fire once stood.

There's a lot of opportunity here. Look at the prices, the proximity to the bay, to boating and fishing, to watching the birds. Think about taking a bicycle ride to the ocean beach or just nipping there in your car. No ferries to catch. No Hamptons-horrendous beach parking charge.

Nice place to spend your weekends, even if you are not ready to leave the city full-time... yet!

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