Friday, October 15, 2010

And back to Long Island

Almost two weeks away, an only a few leaves have fallen, and a few more changed colour, though one of the trees at the back of the house is already almost bare.

Had a wonderful few days in Grenoble and in Budapest; wonderful to spend time with friends at work, it's amazing how much we can do/learn/think just being together for a while. And friends new and old(er) at LISA, I always value the time we get together, agree/disagree/challenge/inspire each other... we're working in an industry that is turning itself inside-out with new ways of doing things, and it is fun. Hope to see you again soon.

Sassenage Shito-Ryu karate: I miss you guys!  Darn good workouts... yep I was the only woman in the Friday night Karate Contact class, felt like the good old days. I must be mad ;-)

(Those of you in France, the first international Cup/Contact Karate is the weekend of October 23rd, in Sassenage--Dominique Valera will be there, plus other champions. For more information see  I'd be there if I could!)

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