Monday, April 19, 2010

New home on Park Drive

It is really, really nice to see a new home growing from the property where another house burned down, a couple of years ago. It took a while... the wreck was there for a long time, then it was a demolished wreck for a long time, then all-of-a-sudden foundations were built. And the framing is going really quickly: this morning, the second floor was framed, and by this evening, the roof is all framed in too. The house is a living skeleton waiting for its arteries and skin.

When I drove past at lunchtime, I thought they were building a roof deck at the south-east corner, above the first floor. "They'll have a really nice view!" I thought. "Nice to see someone building with the views and the surroundings in mind." But now I see it's "just" a low-sloping roof in that corner. It will look really nice, but I do think they have missed an opportunity: why not take advantage of the views that no-one else can have?

So good to see someone making this their home. All along Park Drive, people are working on homes, and making it a really nice street.

There's just one eyesore--the other burned house. It burned before the one now being rebuilt. It's no longer boarded up, because the storm that ripped my roof, tore down its boards and opened it further to rain and wind and rodents and raccoons.

Town of Brookhaven: where is the action on all the distressed, damaged and abandoned houses? We are still waiting!


Maureen Getchell said...

I heard this from a reliable neighbor not Town or County but it is still hearsay.

From what I was told the government has called the owner of that property into court. The owner has postponed multiple times. At his "last chance" hearing he explained that the insurance co. hadn't paid him yet (they are doing a fire investigation) so the court gave him an extension.

I heard that the insurance co. has up to 5 years. Then when he gets his money he can start the permit process to rebuild. If he doesn't get his money he'll most likely sue the insurance co. Which will take even longer.

Gov't can't do anything until the court imposed time line runs out or he stops paying his property taxes.

Call Panico and Browning. They should know all the details.

Scott said...

this is the house south of you that was torn down a couple of years ago? hard to believe they would allow it to be rebuilt. beautiful views when the plot of land is not under water.....need to go see...