Friday, January 01, 2010

... and why don't I shop at Pathmark???

Needed a reminder this afternoon. Somehow, I had forgotten. Decided to "nip in" to Pathmark to pick up some eggs and a couple of other things. Forgot that the more of a holiday/restday/Sunday it is, the more Pathmark is packed and unnavigable and impossible to escape, assuming you want to leave with paid-for shopping which of course means that you have to get to, and through, a checkout.

There were no shopping carts and no shopping baskets, and the guy that was pushing a truck's worth of Coke through the store couldn't help because he didn't work there. Despite the fact that he was working a sweat up pushing Coke into place. Or maybe that's what he does for fun. In Pathmark. On New Year's Day. Human version of a computer game, squishing shoppers with a cart of Coca-Cola.

We met some other interesting people.

Ozzy Osborne was very polite as she (yes, I said she) apologised for squeezing past. The Frankenstein family were blocking one aisle with their three full-to-the-brim shopping carts, and the Adams family were hanging out at the end of the freezer aisle. The cast of Six Feet Under (both dead and alive) were waiting, waiting, waiting to be processed through the checkouts...

I was so hungry I ate half the bag of grapes while we waited half an hour in line, before surrendering and leaving for Stop'n'Shop. Ooops. Pathmark I owe you about $2 but if you compare that to my hourly rate, you owe me a lot more.

In comparison, Stop'n'Shop was calm and tranquil... didn't have the Amy's RiceFlour GlutenFree pizza, but I can live without it.

Another resolution for the list: remember why you do NOT shop at Pathmark on a holiday or Sunday...


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This was too funny and I totally agree, lol. My husband can't understand why I won't go in there but to to King Kullen instead...I'd rather pay more money than deal with the people who shop at Pathmark!

Mr. Lentini said...

pathmark is honestly the oddest place in our town and the worst-creatures are in there