Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday morning

Things are still green, but the colours are changing; already the virginia creeper and poison ivy is red, already the phragmites are waving silvery-white seedheads. Montauk daisies are flowering. I really must find a way to have something beautiful in the front garden at every stage of the year. Somehow the deer like to nibble my Montauk daisy plant, but leave the neighbours' plants alone. Maybe that's karma for laughing at the roadrunner fawn.

Bella and I crossed the creek this morning for the first time. At very-low tide. At first she didn't want to get into the water, but then took a huge jump, half-way across. The exposed sandbank sucked at our feet; we checked out a large log that had washed high-and-dry onto the marsh grass, and then returned back across the creek.

Jade will visit this weekend :-)

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