Friday, February 13, 2009

Another good reason not to let four teenagers into the same car...

At 12.30 p.m. today, this view from the deck had power lines running across it (see pic of 'the new inlet' below, that's the same tree) ... then came a screetch of brakes, a bang, and a cloud of smoke...

View of the car from our deck. Firemen wondering what to do with it, safely, with the pole lying across the car and the road, and the lines down.

Oops. Big oops. Steering failure??? Somehow I doubt it. More like, trying to take the corner too fast, ended up in the power pole.
Happily, miraculously, all four -the young driver and younger passengers-escaped unhurt. The neighbours were all without power for a while. (How did they get our power back on while the pole and lines are still down? Thank you LIPA!)

All our wonderful volunteers in the street just outside.

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